Is slow internet better than no internet?

So here I am, sitting in the middle of the Red Sea (on a ship, I am not Moses), typing the first entry on my new blog. I should be impressed, after all, I am not connected with any cables, I am moving at 18 knots which for land lubbers is about 22mph. But am I? Yes through the wonders of satellite technology I am simultaneously uploading high res photos, typing a blog, transferring a domain name but unfortunately growing a beard. The beard is an unintentional side effect of the ridiculously slow internet connection very often suffered by satellite communication, and by god its frustrating. One problem is the limited bandwidth, the other is people skyping, uploading, downloading and generally sucking the life out of the bandwidth. I know I should be grateful that we have internet at all but honestly sometimes its so frustrating I would rather stick needles in my scrotum. Anyway I will finish for today because undoubtable by the time I have finished typing this, I will have lost the connection and quite possibly the will to live.

Stay tuned for more agonising slow blogs form the ocean waves


~ by jasonrow on April 6, 2009.

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