Kill all vegetarians!

Just a short blog today, based on a brief but potentially interesting thought that went through my head last night whilst drinking my third Spanish beer.
We are often told, how trees and plants are the lungs of the world, removing carbon dioxide and replacing it with oxygen. We hear how the destruction of the Amazon rain forest is contributing to the rise in global warming and if we do nothing we will all be living in a much warmer world by July 2011. Well, here is the chance for every sane person to do their bit for the environment, kill a vegetarian. It makes sense, vegetarians are systematically eating the very organism’s that could save the planet and at the same time contributing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Remove the veggie, remove the problem as one famous dictator nearly said.
Of course this will have a double benefit because the remaining humans will all be carnivores, eating all the worlds animals who are of course another huge contributor to global warming.
So next time you are driving home from your local Beefeater in your 4×4, and a veggie steps onto the crossing in front of you, just apply those brakes a fraction to late. Sure you may get a 12 month suspended for driving without due care but the planet’s lifespan will be improved long enough to support the next generation of carnivorous Range Rover drivers, and that can only be a good thing.


~ by jasonrow on December 2, 2009.

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